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How to join?

Players may join one of our monthly games as a guest/visitor. Once they play a game and enjoy our format (medal stableford) and camaraderie, an online application may be completed and submitted with a $100 fee. This fee is for the club shirt, tie, socks and cap/hat.

Once the application form is completed and submitted with the $100 joining fee, a player will become a 'Prospect' for the next three games of which one game will be played with a committee member. 

The player may be inducted into the club once the prospective games have been completed and the club fee for the remainder of the year has been paid (pro rata).

Step 1

Play a game as a guest.

Step 2

Complete application form, submit it and pay $100

Step 3

Play three monthly games as a 'Prospect'

Step 4

Pay the pro rata Club fee for the year

Step 5

Induction on your third game as a prospect

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