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Peter O'Malley Knock-out


(i) The competition is an annual event, run during the playing year, each round to be completed by dates determined by the Club JVC and terminating with the Final Round, which shall be played during the course of a club's annual 'Gold Cup' meeting.
(ii) Any qualifying Member of NOMADS (see Constitution Clause 7) in good standing shall be eligible to enter this competition in partnership with any other Member of his own choice and by mutual agreement. A combined entry fee, as determined by the Club JVC, shall be payable upon entering.
(iii) Once a draw has been announced, no substitution of players shall be permitted.
(iv) All matches (other than the final round) may be played in or outside the normal monthly NOMADS meeting as determined by the Club Executive.
(v) The format of play and playing rules may be set by the Club JVC with the approval of the Club Executive.
(vi) The ' Trophy' shall be awarded to the winning finalists and shall be held by them for a period of one year but remains the sole and entire property of the NOMADS GOLF CLUB.

(vii) Should entries warrant it, the Club Executive may, at their sole discretion, run a Plate event.

Peter O'Malley Knock-out Registration
Entry Fee is $10 per player

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