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Annual Charity Golf Day

One of the three pillars of Nomads Golf is raising money and supporting charity.

To this end, the Vice-Captain of each Nomads Golf Club nominates a charity or charities of their choice and use their year of Vice-Captaincy to raise funds for those causes.

The centrepiece of the fundraising activities is the Charity Golf Day. The Vice-Captain makes all arrangements with the help of their committee and members. This includes venue, format, canvassing for donations, organising raffles – the list is endless in the pursuit of benefitting the nominated cause(s).

These are always, without fail, a day of fun filled golfing adventures!

All proceeds of the charity fundraising go to the nominated causes. The club retains no funds from the activities. Perth Nomads Golf Club provides support and seed funding of a minimum of $2,000 to kickstart the Vice-Captain’s campaign.

To date Nomads Golf across Australia is closing in on $1.5m in donations to various charities averaging over $100,000 per annum to Australian charities.

Past Charities - Perth Club

2023 - Solaris Cancer Care - $11600

2022 - Smith Family - $10 000

2021 - St Johns Defib Program - $15000

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past charity days

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